Your complex 2-way mobile campaigns up and running in minutes.

Setup complex keyword-driven conversation structures in minutes. Easily pull data from your server to dynamically respond to incoming messages.

Instant or scheduled broadcasts to large lists of addresses.

Auto-build address lists from user messages sent in, upload lists, or live link to lists on your server.

Use our API to send and receive messages direct to your application.

Simple secure HTTP posts to exchange live message data between our server and your application.

Why partner with i2SMS ?

  • Experience...We've been successfully operating our own market-leading mobile messaging platform since 2001.
  • Performance...Near-100% uptime over 10 years turning around millions of inbound and outbound SMS text messages in the USA and Australia.
  • Trusted...Trusted by top-tier utility companies, financial institutions and airports for the delivery of their critical customized mobile messaging solutions.
  • Flexibility...The fastest and easiest way to deliver complex mobile messaging solutions connected to your applications.
  • Specialties...Mobile Marketing, Mobile CRM, Mobile Aggregation, Secure Mobile Transactions, Secure Mobile Communications.